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Overbite refers to a common dental problem characterised by the upper front teeth significantly overlapping the lower front teeth. It’s relatively common, and something we’re experienced in dealing with and treating at Sunshine Boulevard Dental on the Gold Coast. Overbites can arise due to a variety of factors like genetics, childhood habits, or even an imbalance in jaw growth. Left unaddressed, an overbite can contribute to dental issues such as tooth wear and difficulty in chewing.

At Sunshine Boulevard Dental, our qualified dentists evaluate the severity and offer personalised treatment plans, including orthodontic solutions or jaw surgery, to help Gold Coast residents smile confidently.
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Causes of Overbite

Similar to underbites, overbites can result from a wide range of factors, both genetic and environmental. Key contributing elements include:


Much like the shape of our eyes or nose, overbites can also be a hereditary trait. If an overbite is prevalent in your family, you may likely inherit the condition.


Persistent thumb-sucking or extended use of dummies beyond infancy can sometimes lead to the development of an overbite.

Teeth Grinding:

Chronic teeth grinding, or bruxism, can cause tooth wear, potentially leading to an overbite over time.

Imbalanced Jaw Growth:

In some instances, individuals may experience disproportionate growth of the upper and lower jaw, contributing to an overbite.

Poor Oral Habits:

Habits such as prolonged bottle feeding or tongue thrusting can also influence the alignment of your teeth.

Understanding the root cause of an overbite is crucial for implementing the most effective treatment. Regular dental check-ups at Sunshine Boulevard Dental ensure timely diagnosis and treatment, thus maintaining optimal oral health and boosting your self-confidence.

Let’s Explore the Treatments for Overbite

At Sunshine Boulevard Dental, we provide an array of treatments suitable for different severities of overbite issues. After an in-depth consultation to understand your unique needs, our experienced team will recommend treatments best suited to you.

Some common treatments for Overbite include:

Orthodontic Treatment:

Braces or clear aligners like Invisalign can help in repositioning the teeth and correcting the overbite over time.


Post-orthodontic treatment, retainers can be utilised to maintain the newly adjusted tooth position.

Jaw Surgery:

In severe cases requiring a structural alteration, jaw surgery may be advised to rectify the overbite.

Tooth Reshaping:

For minor cases, reshaping the teeth by shaving off tiny amounts can offer quick relief from minor overbite issues.

Dental Appliances:

Appliances like bite blocks or headgear may be used in combination with other treatments for more effective results.

Beyond these treatments, we also offer advice and preventative measures to sustain the longevity of your oral health and the success of the applied treatments.

Seeking timely intervention for an overbite can improve oral functionality, enhance aesthetics, and boost your overall self-esteem. Regular dental visits to Sunshine Boulevard Dental not only address overbite issues at an early stage but also assist in maintaining general oral health and averting potential dental complications.

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