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Underbite most commonly refers to a condition where the lower front teeth overlap the upper front teeth. It’s a fairly common issue, and one we’re experienced in dealing with at Sunshine Boulevard Dental on the Gold Coast.

Underbites can start from various factors. Some of these include; genetics, childhood habits, or uneven jaw development. If left untreated, an underbite can lead to further dental problems like impaired speech and difficulties in chewing.

At Sunshine Boulevard Dental, our team can diagnose the underlying cause and offer customised treatment solutions like orthodontic treatment with intervention or jaw surgeries. We aim to make every Gold Coast resident proud of their smile.
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Causes of Underbite

Similar to an overbite, an underbite can be the result of multiple factors, both genetic and environmental. Some of the major contributors include:


Similar to other dental and facial features, underbites can be hereditary. If an underbite is common in your family, you’re more likely to experience it yourself.

Childhood Habits:

Prolonged use of a pacifier, thumb-sucking, or tongue thrusting in early childhood can influence jaw development and contribute to an underbite.

Teeth Misalignment:

Incorrectly aligned teeth can sometimes be the culprit behind an underbite.

Jaw Development:

An imbalance in the growth of the upper and lower jaw can lead to an underbite.

Chewing Habits:

Some unusual chewing habits and techniques can also result in the lower jaw growing in a way that causes an underbite.

Regular dental check-ups at Sunshine Boulevard Dental can help in early diagnosis and treatment, ensuring that you maintain excellent oral health and feel confident in your smile.

Let’s Explore the Treatments for Underbite

At Sunshine Boulevard Dental, we offer a diverse range of treatments tailored to the severity of your underbite, ensuring each treatment plan meets your specific needs.

Some common treatments for Underbite include:

Orthodontic Treatment:

Braces or clear aligners such as Invisalign can be used to reposition the teeth and correct mild underbites.

Jaw Surgery:

For more severe cases, jaw surgery may be necessary to adjust the jaw’s positioning.


Often used after orthodontic treatment, retainers can help maintain the new alignment.

Dental Appliances:

Specialised dental appliances like chin caps or reverse-pull face masks can be used, particularly in children, to guide jaw growth.

Tooth Reshaping:

Minor underbites may benefit from tooth reshaping, a procedure that involves adjusting the shape of the teeth for a more aligned bite.

We also provide advice on preventative measures to ensure the durability of your dental health and the success of your treatment.

Timely treatment for underbites can significantly improve oral function, aesthetic appearance, and overall confidence. Regular dental check-ups at Sunshine Boulevard Dental not only provide early diagnosis and treatment of underbites but also contribute to maintaining general oral health and preventing other potential dental issues.

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