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Our Family Dentistry

Our family dentistry is committed to being your local family dentist on the Gold Coast. We give every patient a personalised experience and want to get to know your family and what your oral health needs are, so that you are familiar and relaxed about being at the dentist. Our friendly staff are passionate about family dental services and want to help you look and feel better.

Dental Fillings

Dental Tooth Fillings Enquire Now Do You Need Dental Fillings? We’ve been told that our gentle approach to dental tooth fillings leaves our patients hardly feeling a thing! We take extra care when numbing the area of the tooth filling and use biomimetic materials as much as possible. One of the most common associations with...
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Dental Inlays and Onlays

Dental Inlays and Onlays Enquire Now What Are Dental Inlays or Onlays? Dental or teeth inlays and onlays are two types of dental restorations used to repair decayed or damaged teeth. Inlays and onlays are often used when a filling is not sufficient to restore the tooth, but a crown is not necessary. Inlays are...
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Dentist Check-Up & Clean

Dental Check-Up and Clean Gold Coast Enquire Now We Offer More Than Just Teeth Cleaning A dental check-up and clean is an important part of maintaining good oral health. Regular visits to us can help prevent and detect common dental problems early when they are easier to treat. During your dental check-up, we will examine...
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Gum Treatments

Gum Disease Treatment Gold Coast Enquire Now Periodontitis Treatment Our Gold Coast-based dentists can help with gum disease treatments, which refer to a range of procedures and treatments to improve the health of the gums and surrounding soft tissue. Here are some common gum treatments: Scaling and Root Planing: This is a deep cleaning procedure...
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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Treatment Gold Coast Enquire Now Root Canal Information, Costs and More When it comes to root canal treatment, our Gold Coast dentists stay up-to-date with the latest technology and instruments in order to make your experience as comfortable as we can. We use rotary instruments on your teeth, making the filing process more...
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Teeth Extraction

Teeth Extractions Gold Coast Enquire Now Experts in Tooth Removal and Dental Extractions Tooth extraction is something that can strike fear into the hearts of most. But it doesn’t have to be the unpleasant experience you may be expecting that you have had elsewhere. When you come to our Gold Coast dental clinic for tooth...
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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Removal Gold Coast Enquire Now Experts in Wisdom Teeth Extractions When it comes to wisdom tooth extraction on the Gold Coast, we are here to help. Our dental experts will always try our best to minimise the removal of bone and use Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF) to enhance the healing process and provide...
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