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EMS-Guided Biofilm Therapy

At Sunshine Boulevard Dental, we provide EMS-guided biofilm therapy, offering a superior solution for maintaining optimal oral hygiene. Our experienced dental professionals use the latest EMS AIRFLOW® technology to effectively remove biofilm, ensuring your teeth and gums are thoroughly cleaned without discomfort.

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What is EMS-Guided Biofilm Therapy?

EMS-guided biofilm therapy is a dental procedure designed to remove biofilm from teeth using a combination of air, water, and fine powder. At Sunshine Boulevard Dental, we use the EMS AIRFLOW®, a device that is particularly effective in reaching difficult areas that traditional scaling methods might miss. 

Using the EMS AIRFLOW® technology, this therapy targets the sticky film of bacteria known as biofilm, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease if not properly managed. The gentle, yet effective approach of the AIRFLOW® device makes this treatment suitable for patients of all ages, including those with sensitive teeth or dental anxiety.

Benefits of EMS AIRFLOW® Technology

EMS-guided Biofilm Therapy offers a number of benefits:

By using EMS AIRFLOW® technology at our dental practice, we provide our patients with a superior standard of care. This method not only improves oral health but also transforms the dental cleaning experience, making it more comfortable and efficient for everyone.

The EMS-Guided Biofilm Therapy Process

Here’s a closer look at the steps involved in EMS-Guided Biofilm Therapy:

  • Our dentists begin with an assessment of your dental health to determine the appropriate settings for the EMS AIRFLOW® device. 
  • Using the AIRFLOW® handpiece, we gently blast a mix of air, water, and powder to disrupt and remove biofilm from above and below the gum line. This step eliminates the bacterial layers that can lead to dental issues, giving your mouth a deep clean.
  • After the biofilm has been removed, we proceed to polish your teeth. This phase restores the natural shine and smoothness of your teeth, enhancing the appearance of your smile while also making it harder for new plaque to adhere.
  • To finish up the procedure, a protective fluoride treatment is applied to your teeth. This fluoride reinforces the enamel, helping to shield your teeth against decay and strengthen your overall dental health.

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