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General Check Up and Clean & Preferred Providers
In Chair Whitening Deal

We are offering an incredible deal of Check up, X-rays, Clean and in chair whitening at $455 with our Oral Health Therapist – Ruby Mills. You may use your private dental insurance for this deal. 

Terms and conditions. This offer is only valid to patients who understands the possible risks and is deemed suitable by a professional. We will accept the rebated amount if the health fund pays more than $455.

General Check Up and Clean & Preferred Providers

Check up and clean (including check up, scale, polish, fluoride and x-rays if needed) $179 (adults) or $129 (under 13) for all patients new and existing without a health fund.

If you have private health insurance, we will waive the gap on your first visit as long as your health fund covers partially for each item number charged.

For maintenance check up and cleans, a gap payment may apply if the health fund does not rebate the minimum charge of $179 for an adult and $129 for children under 13.

We accept all health funds with our HICAPS facility available for fast claiming on the spot. 

We are preferred providers for the following health funds meaning greater value for your cover and lower out of pocket costs.

HCF, NIB, CBHS, Teachers Union Health, Union Health, Qantas Health Insurance, AAMI Health Insurance, Suncorp Health Insurance, Smiles.com.au, GMHBA, Peoplecare, Frank, AIA, Australian Unity, Apia Health Insurance, AAMI Health Insurance, GU Health Insurance, ING Health, Priceline Health Insurance, Real Health Insurance, Australian Seniors Health Insurance and GreenPass.

Our Pricing
Our Pricing
Take home whitening
In chair whitening
Composite veneer
$450 each, $2400 for 6
Porcelain veneer
$1490 single, $6000 for 6, $7000 for 8
Porcelain crown
$170 - $426
$250-450 ($130 ~ $170 for a baby tooth)
Gum treatment
$60 per tooth, $1500 for whole mouth
Gum lift surgery
$90 per tooth
Root canal treatment
From $929.70
Use of Concentrated Growth Factor from stem cells for healing
Invisalign i7
Invisalign lite
Invisalign moderate
Invisalign complex
Fixed braces Orthodontic treatment
from $3500 - $8500
Implants simple back tooth
Implants simple front tooth
Minor bone graft
Major bone graft
Minor soft tissue surgery
Major soft tissue surgery
Minor Sinus lift
Major Sinus lift
Muscle relaxant for grinding
Occlusal splint (Night guard)

Please note
The prices listed on this page are an example of starting costs for treatment only. As each individual case is different, treatment cost can vary for each patient. Many different factors can vary or increase the cost of treatment. If you would like a quote specific to you, we encourage you to contact us and book an examination appointment where we can provide a treatment plan (with costs) for you.

All pricing is subject to change without notice.

If you are a member of our health fund partners, we will follow the fees schedule set by them. 

Payment Plans & Personal Loan Options
Payment Plans and Personal Loan Options

We partner with Smileright and Afterpay to offer simple and affordable finance solutions for dental procedures.

Learn More About Smileright
Learn More About Afterpay

You will have options of paying no interest rate, no account fees on payment plans or personal loans with no deposit.

More for Teeth Program with HCF and CBHS Choice Network
More for Teeth Program with HCF and CBHS Choice Network

If you are with HCF and CBHS health funds, you will pay no gap each time you come to us for your preventative check up, scale and polish, fluoride treatment, and mouthguard services (subject to your annual limits, and any waiting periods).

Find Out More About The Program
Bulk Billing for Children & Veterans
Bulk billing for Child Dental Benefit Scheme and
Department of Veteran Affairs patients

We bulk bill for those children that are eligible for The Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS). The Child Dental Benefit Scheme covers a range of basic dental services and the total dental benefit is capped at $1026 per child over two years. Certain eligibility criteria need to be met. If your child is eligible, we bulk bill so there will be no out of pocket expenses for the general dental services.

We also offer dental services to the Veteran community who hold the white and gold health care card. Gold card holders will be eligible for most dental services, and white card holders may need some services approved under the arrangements from DVA.


We also partner with Supercare. Superannuation can be used to pay for essential Dental Treatment under the ATO’s Compassionate Release of Superannuation program.

SuperCare streamlines the application process that is required to access Superannuation to pay for Dental treatments and all out of pocket expenses including private hospital fees, travel and accommodation.

SuperCare operates on a no fee – no approval basis and is our preferred provider of Compassionate Release of Superannuation support.

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