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Visit our Gold Coast experts for your Invisalign braces! We have the expertise and experience to make sure you get the best out of your Invisalign aligners.

Invisalign is a brand of clear, removable aligners used to straighten teeth. The aligners are custom made for each individual patient and need to be worn for around 22 hours a day for maximum results. Time can be put aside for eating and cleaning of teeth and retainers. Treatment usually lasts between 9 to 18 months depending on your individual case. The advantages to using Invisalign is that they are virtually invisible, comfortable to wear and do not need to be frequently adjusted, with each patient swapping to a new set of aligners each week or as directed by our orthodontists.

One of the biggest misconceptions with Invisalign is that it can only be effective for minor dental problems. While it can be used to treat mild cases of teeth misalignment, it can also produce excellent results for those with severe crowding, overbite, underbite and crossbites. It can also be used to treat some cases of jaw disorders.

Invisalign can be just as effective as traditional braces for most patients. When we conduct a consultation with you about using Invisalign we will talk through all issues and concerns you may have and what the aligners will do for your teeth specifically.

Once you are fitted with the aligners, we ask you to send our Gold Coast dentists weekly progress photographs of your teeth between visits. This helps us to see that the aligners are doing the job we want them to, and it also ensures you wear the aligners for the set times each day to get the results you want.

Along with Invisalign we may use elastics or other methods of manipulation to get the outcomes faster and have your treatment completed in a shorter time.

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